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Carol-Ann Tudor


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PING!!! It was just her luck that Julia forgot her glasses home last Sunday. Unable to read a single thing without them, she returned home unexpectedly, only to get the shock of her life. There was David, the love of her life, parading around the bedroom looking at himself in the mirror, dressed in her lingerie. Nearly fainting in disbelief, she ran from the house, but later ended the relationship. What would you do if you came home and found your man dressed up in your clothes?
Giselle: I would take pixs, beat him bad, pelt all of his things outside while he is still dressed and put the pictures on Facebook in an album called Caught Red-handed.
Wa Gine On Hey: Lolllll. Make sure you call me when you post that album because I would love to see it.
Brown Girl: I would be shocked but we would need to have a conversation before ending the relationship. I would want to know why. If it’s just a fetish, I might consider staying but if he’s secretly gay then I’m out of there. I would be a bit concerned that he’s wearing my clothes and that he never raised the matter before. He should have been open and honest with me from the beginning. Now trust would be the bigger issue.
Wa Gine On Hey: I’m puzzled. Had he raised the matter before and told you he liked wearing women’s underwear, would you have stayed?
JD: Hell, yes, I would be leaving. You can’t have two women in the same house and obviously he is trying to be one.
Wa Gine On Hey: True dat, girl. Any man who likes to wear women’s underwear is far from straight!!
Tracey: Yup, I would be leaving. That man has issues. Cross-dressing is a no-no. He is not a heterosexual!!
Wa Gine On Hey: Cross-dressing for both genders spells trouble and says that person is confused. If he wants to wear your clothes, what next is he going to want to do???
AnnMarie: I would have given him the rest of my panties and bras while putting him out of my house and wishing him the best with his future endeavours.
Wa Gine On Hey: I would give them away too. After all it can’t be the first time he has had them on – just that he’s been caught. What a nasty thought.
Rasta Browning: I would run for my camera and get a pix quick. But seriously he’d have to leave. I wouldn’t even want to know why. Something would have to be seriously wrong with him and I wouldn’t be able to help him.
Wa Gine On Hey: The only help you could give him may be a lash with a pep stick. After the initial shock, that’s exactly what I would want to do if it was me caught in that predicament.
Nelly: I would dump him instantly. Cross-dressing is a sign of homosexuality without even seeing him in the act. Clearly it means he has tendencies.
Wa Gine On Hey: Tendencies is right, girl. Don’t event wait to catch him in the act unless you want to be heartbroken for many years.
Nadia: If I caught my man wearing my clothes, he would have to go. Why would he be doing something like that? Obviously we like the same sex and that thought alone is repulsive, far less to see him wearing my clothes.
Wa Gine On Hey: It’s true. Catching a man in an act like that would be shocking, especially if he tends to be one of the most macho men possible, and we all know there are quite a few like that nowadays.
Serena: I would have to ask some questions and monitor the situation cause it may be a case where he was being curious or he got antics or he might just be kinky as hell.
Wa Gine On Hey: Any of the three spells trouble for me. If he’s kinky enough to wear my clothes, then he’s definitely too kinky for me.
Raquel: I would laugh and point and laugh again. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that he’s gay because lots of transvestites are very straight, and normal men are sometimes curious about girl things. So unless I have other reasons to be worried, I wouldn’t fret.
Wa Gine On Hey: Normal men are curious about girl things, yes, but only give me the kind that might want to wear my perfume to smell like me. But underwear? – Definitely not.
Short & Sexy:  I would pretend like it was okay and encourage him to pose for the camera. Then I would pick up the Bible and read him the scriptures while I’m beating him all over the house because I can’t understand why my man would be doing that. Then I would go print the pictures and post them all over the place so his friends and family can see and make sure I post it on YouTube as well.
Wa Gine On Hey:  A woman scorned is definitely an angry woman. By the time you’re finished with him, he’d definitely go on the downlow.
Cindy: He could keep the underwear but he ain’t staying in my home. Either way there is no more me. If it was a fetish he had acknowledged and disclosed and gave me the opportunity to make a decision on whether or not I can live with it that would be one thing, but keeping a fetish like that as a secret?? Heaven knows what other surprises might be in store for me, and this baby ain’t waiting to find out. He is living a lie to his partner and to himself. He needs to be a man and come clean.