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TALK BACK: Readers go for 60% local music

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK: Readers go for 60% local music

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The Budget was on the minds of most Barbadians this past week.
Many were eager to find out what the Government was coming with in this year’s Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals. Facebook was also “pregnant” with expectation of what would come.
So it was no surprise when Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler delivered the budget last Tuesday in Parliament that there were some following THE NATION’S live blog on his speech and giving their own commentary on some measures.
Some were impressed by Sinckler’s delivery of the budget, his second since taking up the position of Minister of Finance. Some said they were also disappointed that some critical issues like easing the cost of living and high energy bills were not dealt with.
The new measures and policies which got an immediate reaction from readers were the proposed construction of a brand new multi-purpose state-of-the-art cultural and performing arts centre, the decision to lease the Bushy Park facility to the Barbados Motoring Federation to facilitate a full upgrade of the racetrack and the announcement that from September 1 all parts imported for personal computers would be free of all import duties and VAT.
Many “applauded” the decision on computer parts.
Following are some of the comments made by our readers.
Matthew Clarke: “Good move.”
Nester Phillip: “Good to go. Bim, keep moving forward.”
When Sinckler appealed to radio stations and networks to commit to the playing of no less than 60 per cent of locally produced music on all stations in their networks, this also got spontaneous reaction from readers:
Kathie Daniel: “I am totally in favour of pushing local talent in all areas. I just don’t know how this can be enforced. Also, I wish Mr Sinckler had put in place some legislation to stop the DJs from talking non-stop through music.”
Andrea King: “That 60 per cent local/regional media content – and not only radio play – has been on the books, on papers, talked about, for a long time. It simply needs to be enforced. Media managers have to take a greater responsibility for implementing it in a truly meaningful way.
“If media managers do not or cannot recognize how they contribute to the development of the sector and the circulation of money in a wider domestic market by the simple act of broadcasting more local content, then they should be legislated to do it.”
We at THE NATION would like to thank all of you who followed our live blogging sessions for the budget, as well as the reply by Opposition Leader Owen Arthur on Wednesday. Thank you also for actively participating with your comments and questions.

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