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Awright Den! – Out of balance

Corey Worrell

Awright Den! – Out of balance

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THE woman is an extremely complicated and powerful, yet necessary being. She wasn’t created only to support man, give birth to children and nurture her family, but she was also created for the very important task of bringing balance to life.
When Adam’s eyes were opened, the first thing he saw was his environment/nature, but when Eve’s eyes were opened, the first thing she saw was her man – Adam/family/nurture. It is on this basis that I strongly believe that the woman plays a very important role in any society – the role of balance.
I have been privileged to speak to many females over the years, many of whom have shared personal stories with me. What I am about to share with you may be a shock to some men and parents, but many of the women reading this article may relate to what it says.
Rape and other forms of sexual abuse have been the experience of many women in this country. Based on stories I have been told, the main offenders are uncles, stepfathers, cousins and close family friends. One female told me she had been raped 12 times, one showed me a stab wound a man gave her to prove he would kill her if she told any one.
Another female told me that due to rape she had lost all sexual feelings in her vagina and as a result turned to lesbianism. Another told me when she was in school she had sex with one of her teachers every week at school until she finished school.
Another said being raped woke up her sex drive, which she couldn’t control and as a result turned to prostitution. One shared how her boss raped her, another how her cousins molested her.
Parents need to be more involved in their children’s lives because it is also happening within schools. The stories I have shared above took place when the females were under 16 years of age and none of them reported the incidents to the police. When asked why, they said by the time the cases were called, many years had passed and they would just love to forget the whole thing.
Many of our women have been scarred emotionally, haunted psychologically and weakened spiritually at the hands of man. Our women are hurting and as a result our nation is hurting. Due to this hurt, abuse and shame, our society has become unbalanced.
We have seen the rise, acceptance and growth in the independent woman’s movement, which in my view also leads to an unbalanced society. I want to encourage all women to recognize their role in, and to society, and be part of the interdependent movement, one that embraces both the role of men and women in an equal context.
I am not guilty of any forms of rape or sexual abuse of any woman, but I want to ask all women reading this column who have been a victim of this form of abuse to forgive me on behalf of all men.
I am willing to partner with UNIFEM, if they are willing to lead a national survey to really find out how serious this problem is in this country in an effort to empower our women.
The month of August has been dedicated to the healing and development of women at my church, and I have witnessed many women’s lives changed due to these sessions. This has revealed to me that there are some things that can only be solved spiritually despite what others may say.
There are only two sessions left and I want to invite you, if you need to be free from your past hurts to join me and my family at Ellerslie School on Sunday at 10 a.m.
I also want to recommend Family Heartbeat Ministries to you if you need someone to talk to. I have done counselling with them and they are amazing.
Woman, we need you; woman, I need you; woman our country needs you. Help us to regain our balance.
Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth youth ambassador. Email [email protected]