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AWRIGHT DEN: Follow the code

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN: Follow the code

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The first man to walk on the earth was Adam. The strongest man was Samson. The wisest man was Solomon. And the only man described as a man after God’s own heart was King David. All four of these men had something in common: they all fell because of a woman.
This can be viewed two ways – the power of woman or the weakness of man.
We guys like to pretend that we are “Superman”, but even he had a weakness that was greater than kryptonite – Lois Lane. And guess what? She was a woman.
I also had a weakness for women, not any woman but a specific type of woman. When I began courting my wife, one of the first things I did was to confess to her this weakness. I did this to protect my relationship and me.
It was quite easy to manage this weakness here in Barbados but when I began travelling as the ambassador, it was very challenging.
In 2007, while attending a Commonwealth conference in Uganda I first recognized this challenge. Based on this recognition, my lady and I decided to establish a code of conduct for me when I was travelling. If I knew I was attracted to a female, I was not allowed to spend any alone time with her and I was to keep my greetings and associations at a professional level.
Since then, I travelled throughout Asia, Europe and the Caribbean without any major problems because I followed the code of conduct. While travelling as the ambassador, I have had women strip in front me, fight me to get in my bed, try to seduce me and I have had some offer me their services.
In 2009, while attending a Commonwealth conference in a country I will not name, I was faced with this challenge once again. I received my room key from the front desk and the clerk there told me that my room-mate had already arrived. I was not aware I would be having a room-mate.
I knocked on the door before entering and a female voice responded. When the door was opened, I realized that the room-mate was a friend. Now, this friend was the first runner-up in a national bikini competition. I started to laugh as I entered the room but laughed even harder when I recognized there was only one bed.  
I immediately took out my mobile phone, telephoned my lady and explained the situation to her. We were able to get two separate beds but had to share that small room for about seven days, which was uncomfortable at first but turned out to be a pleasant experience.
Many men told me I was a punk for telling my lady and I should have “hit it” because my lady would never have known. I knew I had to tell her because if I practised lying and keeping things from her in courtship, I would practise those things in marriage. Unfaithfulness begins in the mind, and one should honour one’s lady in thought, conversation and deed at all times.
During my stay at the conference, my room-mate wasn’t the problem. There was another female there that I was very attracted to. I can remember calling my lady and telling her, “Duh got a girl at this conference that got my head tie up.” She responded, “You will be okay; just make wise decisions.” That meant, “Follow the code of conduct.”
I feel honoured to have the kind of marital relationship in which I don’t feel embarrassed or afraid to share my weaknesses with my wife. I encourage other women to create that atmosphere for their men so that they, too, can be honest and open about their struggles.
Remember, woman is a helpmate for man, and when you need help you don’t look for someone weaker. (That is another article in itself, lol.)
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth youth ambassador.