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What I wear to work

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What I wear to work

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Natalie Watts, corporate communications specialist, Barbados Tourism Authority
What do you like to wear to work?
I like to wear classic and sophisticated suits, pants, dresses and pencil skirts.
Fashion staple (one piece you wear the most) Black and white suit or a pin-striped suit. They are corporate suits that reflect my personality.
How do you go from a day to evening look?
I would pair the jacket with a jeans, or high-waist pants, and an inside shirt, or wear the jacket as a jacket, with pants and heels. This is a statement piece, a very classic look so it would be very difficult to transform for evening.
Favourite splurge? A classic tailored designer business suit, and some wonderful jewellery to complement it.
How high are those heels? Five-inches
What are you wearing now? A grey Calvin Klein skirt suit. It’s simple but not understated.
Work bag now: This is an Aldo bag. It’s my favourite piece. It holds everything.
What was the idea behind the outfit? This suit gives me the type of image that I want to portray for the office. It’s stylish and classy and fits my persona.
How long have you had these pieces? The suit is a recent addition, the bag I’ve had for six years and the shoes are a couple of years old.
What do you have on that is your favourite? The suit. I love how it makes me look and feel.
Do you pick fashion over comfort? Not really. If I find something that’s fashionable, I’ll buy it as long as it fits me well. Over the years I’ve come to know what looks good on me, what I like and what styles work well, so for me I guess it’s a bit of both.