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Big-ups on the warpath

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Big-ups on  the warpath

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A BIG CLASH at a major sporting event recently had all those who witnessed it spellbound. The thing is, the mesmerizing spectacle was not a scheduled part of the programme.
Pudding & Souse was reliably informed it was literally cat piss and pepper when two big-ups went after each other in the full view of others.
From what we were told, no one would ever believe what was said and how it was said by the usually demure, soft-spoken female and the well-heeled gentleman.
The loud outbursts caused such a commotion that the people in charge of the venue are now seeking to bring each party to the table and to thrash out whatever triggered the incident.
But the problem is, both parties have deep pockets and as no one wants to offend them, it is unclear how the peace will be achieved.
One of those in the know say while he would like to see both parties have a noble agreement on the matter, the horse may have bolted too far from the stable to achieve that now. But he is hopeful.
Friendly fire
WHISPERS have already started in certain circles about a bigwig’s reference to a member of the opposite sex as his friend.
It seems some of the society types in this particular camp don’t like the idea of someone of that stature referring to the opposite sex like that because of the usual connotation of a friend in Bajan society.
From what Pudding & Souse was told, these concerned people feel this individual should just get on with his work, and not expose the personal side of his life too much as they fear gossip will inevitably follow.
Whether this man will listen and learn from these well-wishers is another matter, as he has his own style.
Butt of jokes
A MACHO MAN has now become the butt of jokes and derision from his colleagues. He is being treated like this because he dared to follow his heart and marry the one he loves.
His colleagues are not upset with him because he left out one of them after a long affair and got married.
They are not angry at him either for choosing someone they think is ugly.
What they are vex about with this man, who used to drive fear into the hearts of certain bad boys, is that he married another man.
This man’s colleagues want to know how he could do that when he knows the law here does not sanction such unions.
What also galls them is that when word of this one-time authority figure gets out, it will be suggested that some of them only act tough like this man did, but are really sweet boys otherwise.
Vengeance is mine
IF HELL HATH no fury like a woman scorned, then what would you say about a man who got horned and is seeking revenge?
Pudding & Souse understands that this is what is behind the circulation of pictures of a certain man who speaks to important issues in the company of other males, each of whom looks somewhat effeminate.
The pictures, taken at a birthday celebration about a year or so ago, have been given fresh life by someone who seems unhappy with the fact that he was dumped by one of the individuals in the photograph, and so wants everyone to know that the image these fellows seek to portray is really a smokescreen.
Whether this man’s plan will work is not certain, but for sure he has a lot of big men out there hanging their heads low.
Talk about vengeance!