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Don’t worry

Tim Slinger

Don’t worry

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While the Anglican church yesterday called for a national dialogue on crime, Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin has also assured Barbadians there is no need to worry about the recent upsurge in crime.
“I want to say amidst all that we have witnessed and seen over the last couple of weeks that the sky is not falling. There is no imminent collapse to society here in Barbados,” Dottin said yesterday as he announced the arrest and charging of two men in connection with the August 2 Salters, St George double murder and of a third man, accused of involvement in a string of aggravated burglaries across the island.
He added: “There are worrying signs, yes, but I believe as a society we can fix those problems. High rates of crime are not inevitable.”
Dottin’s comments at a Press briefing followed earlier statements by Archdeacon Eric Lynch of the Anglican Church, who noted there were people in society who were exhibiting unacceptable behaviour.
Here Charles Frederick (left) and Deon Maynard (centre) are charged with the murders of Gerhardt Stock and Arthur Chaderton. Right, Andrew Edwards is jointly charged with armed robbery.
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