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Lover, son mean to me

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Lover, son mean to me

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Dear Christine,
I am so unhappy about my life. I am living with a married man and his son. I had to talk to this man about the little boy and some of the things he does.
Christine, the man allows his son to do what he likes, and when I have to speak to him, he curses me in front of the boy. He said I do not like his son and that he does not care about me.
Christine, I wash, cook, starch and iron for this man and his son, and he still has the heart to tell me I don’t do anything for him. The boy wouldn’t even help to carry out the garbage.
If either of them sees a pin in the way they would rather walk over it than pick it up. Some days I do not have breakfast or lunch, and this man spends the money on himself and his son.
I have children of my own, but they are living at my mother.
Christine, I do not have anything to offer them.
What can I do Christine?
– B.B
Dear B.B.,
First and foremost, you have no right whatsoever living in a house with someone else’s husband. He has no obligation whatsoever to support you. It seems like you have simply become their house maid.
You now need to pack up your things and return home to your children, who could do with some motherly care, instead of wasting it on this man and his son, who don’t even appreciate all that you do for them.
It’s time to leave this episode of your life behind and start thinking about a better future.

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