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I CONFESS – Treated like a sex toy

luigimarshall, [email protected]

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We have all done things in life that we regret, or are terribly ashamed of. For me, it was an affair. If anyone had told me I would be unfaithful to my boyfriend, I would have laughed in their face because I simply had no reason. I have a good man. He’s thoughtful, reliable and supportive. He never forgets anything important to me and takes care of our two children. Due largely to his support, I was able to finish my education and get a good paying job, and now I am earning even more than he does. I am relating my story so some of you would not yield to the same temptation. Me and my friend were living together for more than five years when I met the other man. He came to work at my office in a senior position and I was  immediately drawn to him because of his good looks. It wasn’t that I was having problems in my relationship or anything. Or that my boyfriend is bad-looking. It was just that this man oozed with sexiness. It was hard not to lust after him. Initially he would just wink his eyes at me as he passed through the office. Then he started massaging my shoulders or running his hand over my hair. It was done casually – and as he did it with some of the others in the office – no one suspected there was something building between us. But it was, and just six weeks after he arrived, we had sex in his car during our lunch break – the first time I ever had sex in a car. What was scary about the whole thing is that I did not feel bad about doing it, as I really enjoyed making love with such a virile-looking man. That evening when I went home, I did not even feel ashamed when I saw my boyfriend. Rather, I felt like a young innocent . . .  exploring life for the first time. We had two other sessions. But it was after the last bout that it really struck me what foolishness I was doing when he told me what a great “screw” I was. That was all I was to him. It was then I realized my folly. Here I was in my mid-30s, a mother of two, with a responsible mate, being someone else’s sex tool. Though I enjoyed the sex, the whole situation didn’t make sense. I never went out with that guy again and, of course, I never told anyone what I did. But it taught me good looks and sex could never be more important than a wholesome relationship.