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Crop ready

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Crop ready

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What a rare sight to behold in September!
Workers in St Philip are already busy getting preparations under way for the 2013 crop season.
A MIDWEEK NATION team spotted the agricultural workers cutting cane butts on Foursquare plantation yesterday.
A check revealed the men and women were in fact cutting the cane into parts for replanting.
“We have from now to November to plant [more than] 70 acres with 5 000 canes per acre,” said Cuthbert Holder.
The workers had been at it from as early as 7 a.m. and would be in the field until 3 p.m. Holder said the particular variety of cane was 4-4-7 and should be sprouting in about a month’s time.
Here, Yvonne Quintyne (right) placing cane for Glendene Harding to cut.
(Picture by Nigel Browne.)