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Rains take a toll on things

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Rains take a toll on things

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A minibus stalled; a vagrant hiked up his dirty trousers as he waded through the waters; lawmen were forced to take the long way around from one part of Central Police Station to another.
These were some of the scenes from Bridgetown yesterday as afternoon thundershowers drenched the southern part of the island and then its capital city.
And the showers are predicted to continue today and into the weekend.
Yesterday’s thundershowers once again revealed the drainage problems plaguing certain parts of the island.
Within moments, the main access road in Central Police Station was flooded. Police who left court were confronted by the sight of water lapping at the doors of vehicles and preventing them from getting to the main block in the station.
In Baxters Road, commuters aboard one minibus were forced to wait out the rains inside the vehicle after the bus stalled in the rising waters that brought traffic to a crawl. The water was deep enough to cause a vagrant to roll up his pants legs and for adults to piggy-back children before they negotiated the waters.
In Mason Hall Street, the rushing waters were complete with waves, while in Deacons Road and at Holborn, Spring Garden, the flooded roads forced traffic to a crawl.
The weather, said the Meteorological Office’s acting deputy director Sonia Nurse, resulted from a trough system interacting with the inter-tropical convergence Zone.
“That brought us a line of showers to the southern half of the country which eventually spread to the engulf the City,” she said, adding the showers were predicted to continue into last night.