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Cameras to fight crime

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Cameras to fight crime

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Beware, shoplifters and other crooks in Barbados, you may soon be on candid camera before the courts.
The Freundel Stuart Administration intends to introduce legislation in Parliament to expand the use of cameras as evidence in court so that predators who prey on people in their homes, on their lands and in businesses can be readily prosecuted through evidence which shows crooks being caught.
That’s according to Minister of Industry, Small Business and Rural Development Denis Kellman, who told the SATURDAY SUN that legislation was needed to make it easier for prosecutors to use evidence gathered on cameras to bring cases against shoplifters and other thieves.
 “We have to find ways to deal with people who go out and steal people’s crops, denying farmers an opportunity to sell their produce,” said Kellman. (TB)
Full story in today’s SATURDAY SUN.