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MAN TO WOMAN – Kitchen mate?

Carol-Ann Tudor

MAN TO WOMAN – Kitchen mate?

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When men decide to settle down in a home, there are certain things that they look for in their lady. Some men love to make sure that the woman they choose can cook, but for some it is not a necessity. Man To Woman sought to find out from men whether or not a woman that cooks would be a necessity when they are choosing a mate, but it was revealed that most men just want a woman who will make them happy regardless of whether or not they can cook.
Chad: I think a man prefers a woman that can cook, after all the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You can’t expect a man to go for KFC or Chefette or some other fast place every day. Sometimes you want to sit and have a nice home-cooked meal and it makes you appreciate the person more.
Man To Woman:  Once upon a time that use to be true, but nowadays with so many restaurants they have opted for other special features to keep them happy.
Mr. Inniss:  It would be a plus to know and experience her culinary skills prior to settling down. It would be more sustainable when we can prepare a meal together though! She cooks and I taste – a great team.
Man To Woman:  I like the way your team works – she cooks and you taste.That’s okay though. We women love to have company in the kitchen
Handsome To The Bone: Definitely, if she can’t cook, she can’t marry. All women should know their way around the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, men should too. She doesn’t have to be in the kitchen all of the time, but she should at least know what to do when she gets there.
Man To Woman: I don’t think that’s a fair statement. Women marry men all the time that can’t cook. If you can and you love her enough then you will teach her.
Jackson: The way through a man’s heart is through his stomach but for me these are changing times. A lot of men like to take care of themselves and can actually cook better than some women. My dad was a better cook than my mum so I think most men just want a woman that he can settle down with, one that he can see himself raising a family with.
Man To Woman: It’s true that some men are very good cooks and they are quite a few who live the bachelor life, just waiting for the perfect woman to raise a family with.
Sugar Sweet: It’s not a must, but every man wants a complete woman, beauty, brains, good in bed and around the house, and an award winning personality. My mum has five sons and she taught us all how to cook so that we wouldn’t have to depend on any woman. Most of the relationships I have been in, I have done most of the cooking and even if they are not good cooks, I make sure they are in the kitchen when I’m doing my thing. So long as they have a pleasant personality and are good between the sheets, I can do the cooking!
Man To Woman: There’s nothing wrong with you teaching your woman how to cook. I’m sure she would be an eager learner knowing that you didn’t throw her one side just because she can’t cook.
Dark Sugar:  Men settle down with a woman who not only can cook but can do anything in and around the house. To me I really don’t mind because I’m very good when it comes to doing things house-wise but at the end of the day, a man prefers a woman who is confident in the house overall.
Man To Woman: A well-rounded woman will always win out every time, just like an all-rounded man.
Tall & Handsome: It’s the 21st century. Who cares if she can cook or not! With so many restaurants and fast food places around now we can always get a good meal.
Man To Woman: That’s so true, career men and women hardly have time to be in the kitchen for long hours. Most times its easier to grab an already prepared meal.
The Agriculturalist: She doesn’t have to find her way around the kitchen. There are enough fast foods and other restaurants out there. As long as she knows how to function in the bedroom that’s good enough for me. Leave the cooking and cleaning and ironing for me.
Man To Woman: A true man to my heart. You will find quite a few women flocking to you for sure.