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SECRETS’ CORNER – If he’s married. . .

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SECRETS’ CORNER – If he’s married. . .

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IN this week’s Secret Corner we asked people to discuss a woman’s motivation behind getting involved with a married man. Here’s what some of you had to say:
Pauline Eversley Jones: She doesn’t have to cook, wash, starch or iron for him, his wife does all that for him.
Calpernia Young: I think women get involved with married men because there is little possibility of an attachment forming (at least that’s what we start off thinking). However, the motivation seems to be the fact that married men display a level of security, they are attentive, as the sweetheart role kicks into gear, and they come across as responsible, especially if they have children. They show qualities women look for and are drawn to after they are married.
Brownsugagal Jozi: Women are attracted to married men because they believe they don’t have to do all the things his wife is doing at home and still reap monetary benefits. Oftentimes it isn’t so. The married man turns out to be very possessive and this outside woman really doesn’t have a life. Women get involved thinking it will be easy but then get caught up and find it hard to get out of these types of relationships.
Margaret Alleyne: Simple! Women who get involved with married men are weak.
Basil D. Webster: Simply put, these women have low self-esteem!
Tracy Barker: This type of behaviour from women really needs to stop. They need to focus on themselves and remember they are potentially breaking up families. They will no doubt be hurt in the long run. Married men only want to mix things up.
Tracy D. Appia: It boils down to selfishness and immaturity. To contribute to the destruction of a family for your own needs is selfish. He may be the married one out there looking, but a woman doesn’t have to be a party to the nonsense. Then if and when he does leave the wife for the bit on the side, she has nerve enough to want to stalk him to make sure another woman isn’t doing to her what she did to get him. Childish. Leave married men alone; it seldom ends well.
Gabrielle Crichlow: One word – stupidity.
If women would learn to respect themselves, other women wouldn’t have to worry about another woman “stealing” their man. Think about it. If a man cheats with you, he will cheat on you.
Conchita Moseley: Some women enjoy being the outside woman, and some men enjoy having an outside woman. This is very common among men of high standing. A lot of these women are well looked after by these cheating men.
Women are not always to blame for having an affair; it works both ways. I would not go as far as to say it has anything to do with not respecting yourself. We are human beings with feelings and we lust after the flesh. When and if that happens it would take a very strong-willed person to say no. If a woman gets trapped in that situation, she has a choice: have her fun and move on or suffer the consequences. She is never going to be the wife.  If she is prepared to be unhappy, that is her choice. No one can force her to stay in a relationship.
Who says that a man can’t love more than one woman? I think having an affair with a married man is dangerous, with the threat of STDs, and your life could be at risk.