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Melissa Clemond: Holy Book at the core

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Melissa Clemond: Holy Book at the core

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What is your greatest childhood memory?
Looking forward to the weekend with Daddy, especially Sundays when he pulled out those records from the 50’s and 60’s, and he played his oldies and dance with my sister and I on his feet to teach us how to waltz and then charmed us with ice cream and nuts. And secondly, my mum having a hard time washing my hair in the kitchen sink and I was scared for the soap in my eyes.
What keeps me passionate?
It’s the ability to get up every day and do what  I love: Provide education, training and services in beauty and childcare.
What is your most precious moment?
Giving birth to my daughter Destiny and visiting Rome, Italy.
What is your biggest regret?
I don’t believe in regrets. Everything negative that occurred in my life I have used as a learning tool, that has now helped me to be the person I am today.
A life-changing moment happened:
One day in church when a prophet  spoke to me and said I would open chains of businesses that will assist young people locally and internationally. Since then I have opened two salons in Barbados, and it was extended to St. Vincent and now St. Lucia, which is in its embryonic stages. The beauty school caters to persons 12 years and up.  And now that I have the nursery  I have the opportunity to develop children ages 6-weeks to five years.
My most treasured possession:
I wouldn’t exactly call it “Possessions” but I treasure my friends and clients, as well as my mum for playing a great role in the upbringing of my daughter, so I can execute my dreams to impart and give back to society.
Who is the person that has made the biggest impact on your life?
It has varied over the past 33 years. My Dad and three managers, who saw potential in me early on, which helped to drive my financial career. And for now it would have to be my daughter.
How did I ever exist without …The Bible. It has been the core of my life and has given me inspiration.
What do you love most about yourself now?
That I’ve reached a place of satisfaction and I don’t intend to let anything pull me back.  I was born for this time and I am truly thankful for the many opportunities and favours that I have encountered. And I pray that God continues to use me as his vessel and fill me with his desires, that I will listen to him and continue to encourage and impact others.