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DEAR CHRISTINE – Can’t stop thinking of the other man

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Can’t stop thinking of the other man

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Dear Christine,
I am 24 years old and soon to be engaged to the man I plan to marry at the end of the year.
The problem is I have become very fond of another man who works where I do. We are quite friendly and I know he loves me.
Am I being fair to him as nothing can ever come of this friendship since he is married?
Also, am I being fair to my boyfriend? I think of this boy quite a lot when I am away from work, even when I am with the one I hope to marry. What can I do, Christine?
– Miss G
Dear Miss G,
It is not right for you to encourage this friendship at your workplace to grow. You run the risk of hurting this man’s wife. Would you be happy if you were his wife to find out that your husband was bordering on an affair?
While there is nothing preventing someone who is planning to get married from being friends with men or women, you should shield yourself from relationships which go beyond friendship.
Let this episode be proof that you are indeed ready to marry and settle down with your boyfriend.
Don’t be side-tracked or distracted at this point in your life.
Don’t be like the dog who catches at the bone in the water, only to realise it’s just a reflection and not the real thing.