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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Novice in thick of things again

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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It seems the days of novices getting building contracts is still with us.
From what Cou Cou was told, a businessman known for his allegiance to the ruling party was recently awarded a contract to build houses.
This man is not known to have ever had anything to do with such construction projects in his several previous entrepreneurial endeavours, yet he has managed to land this plumb pick.
But the plot thickens.
Reliable sources tell us that the land on which this insider will build houses was once owned by another party affiliate. It seems the land was up for sale for some time but no one wanted to purchase it at the asking price.
However, Government has taken over the property, the land has been subdivided, and now houses will be built.
The whole affair has technocrats shaking their heads in dismay and saying “the more things change, the more they remain the same”.  
Cou Cou will keep you up to date on this one.
Pressure piled on
Tempers flared and voices were raised at a recent important meeting on the outskirts of Bridgetown. And, for once, the person with the best known smile in that group was under real pressure.
An insider told Cou Cou that the one in the hot chair was nearly roasted by the verbal attacks.
Most of those attending the meeting wanted to know how a decision that would affect so many people and had such implications for them could be taken unilaterally by functionaries.
The group read the Riot Act to their colleague and let it be known that the idea as conceived was not on.
What’s more, they told this person that if action that would affect them in such a negative manner is ever conceived at any other time, it should be widely discussed before a word is breathed to those outside their group.
So if you see and hear a certain person behaving real humble over the next few weeks, you know why!
Quiet revolutionary
A certain boss who has signalled that he can wield his authority like a sickle cutting through grass has a lot of people really nervous.
They are scared because this usually quiet person nipped off the head of a detractor suddenly and with such swiftness that those who grumble behind his back are now saying that he is not the softie he appears to be.
Those in the know say that others are set to feel his cold steel soon because they are in positions that can impact what he wants done, and he is unsure of where their loyalty lies.
Cou Cou has been told that the action this boss may soon take to stamp his authority will make the ouster of Mia Mottley from the Opposition leadership look like a Sunday school play.
We will definitely be watching this development with keen interest.
Action in the West
All eyes are on the west for a certain knight in shining armour to be sent by his king to occupy fruitful lands.
But Cou Cou has it on good authority that a central district is where everyone should cast their eyes.
From what we have been told, this knight will be sent to claim lands in a place that has been a happy hunting ground for his king for a decade and a half.
The knight is not expected to meet any resistance from the occupying squire as that person too is loyal to the king, and besides that his health is not known to be the best.
Unfortunately, though, the knight’s coming will mean work for him, and no more work for the squire.
So, people, prepare for this knight who will ride into his manor like a warrior from King Arthur’s fabled Camelot. And remember, you heard of it here first.