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MAVIS BECKLES: Stop de bullying!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: Stop de bullying!

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It is good tuh see dat a parent, a mother, is putting her foot down and demanding dat something is done ’bout her 11-year-old son who was bullied and hurt at school recently. Good fuh her!
I fuh one, as a parent and grandparent, am backing her all the way and I know dat there are a lot o’ parents just like her who would refuse tuh let something like this guh long just so and hope or pray dat it would go away while her poor li’l son or daughter is tormented at school.
Now look, it ain’t every child who does get this sort o’ treatment when they go tuh secondary school, ya know. These bullies like duh does pick out who tuh prey on like dem feel dat these li’l people who just only come into secondary school ain’t got nor belong tuh nuhbody.  
It is hard enough tuh put these li’l 11-year-olds through 11-Plus exams tuh determine the school they should move on tuh. It cahn be easy fuh dem tuh be uprooted from a good, safe, familiar environment and sent tuh someplace where dem, most o’ the time, doan know a soul.
It got tuh be fairly scary when we carry dem tuh town and let dem help tuh select and try on clothes dat ain’t the same types dat dem was wearing fuh the past four or five years.
And then what is even more frightening and even traumatic is when we go and buy a bus ticket and put dem on pon a bus laden down wid a bunch o’ children – tall, short, thin, fat, big and noisy – and send dem off pon a long journey and rough ride tuh a place full o’ strangers.
So the children now trying tuh get accustomed tuh duh new environment, teachers, the system, the new work and a whole lot o’ other stuff when all of a sudden some boys gine decide dat dem gine gi’ you son a wedgie, slap he round he head, tek way he lunch money, chuck he from one body tuh the next, pelt things and hit he or mek he get up fuh dem tuh sit down when he in the school bus . . . all kinds o’ nonsense, wickedness.
It is time dat something very serious is done ’bout these big children, both girls and boys, who I hear used tuh do it tuh the first formers as initiation or, as somebody tell me the other day, breaking dem in when duh get into secondary school.
A fella tell me dat when he was at secondary school, the big boys used tuh slap the new boys round duh heads, especially when duh come in wid clean haircuts or dem used tuh flush the new children heads in the toilet.
Well, I got a couple o’ li’l people going into secondary school from next year and I gine tell ya now: I hope dat all o’ dem bullies either left the school dat my li’l people pass for or duh decide dat dem done wid dat sort o’ thing so, ’cause leh muh tell ya, duh gine interfere wid my nephews and or grandchildren once and I mean once.
You know wha’ does get me? Some o’ these so-called bullies does come from good, well adjusted homes, wid decent parents who, if dem know the crap dat dem children does be doing when duh get round duh friends, won’t tolerate it.
That is why it should be exposed and we should let our li’l children know when duh get into secondary school and any o’ dem big bullies, boys or girls, interfere wid dem, they shouldn’t just let it pass and guh long so ’cause it gine happen all the time until the bullies decide tuh stop or duh left school.
It is wrong, first-class wickedness and it got tuh stop; otherwise, one o’ these days when duh guh interfering wid the people children, a parent gine snap and a lot o’ damage gine get done ’bout here.
You could imagine dat dah poor li’l boy ain’t do a soul nutten and dem wicked brutes leh the devil get in dem tail and dem could go and put the woman child up pon top o’ some basket ball court ring even though the li’l boy beg dem tuh take him down and now dat poor li’l boy frighten as France tuh guh back tuh school. Nuh wonder the Minister o’ Education declare dat duh got demons. Duh want dem casting out.
I tell ya: wunna better make haste and stop this, hear?