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Readers: Expel the bullies

Carol Martindale

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DON’T TRANSFER THE VICTIM of bullying to another school – move the bullies.
That’s the response of some online readers when they read that the 11-year-old boy who was attacked recently by two students at his school, has now been transferred to another school.
The boy, who was born with a heart condition, ended up with a cut to his chin after the incident. His mother reported that the boy was walking eating his snack on the [basketball] court when he was approached by the two boys from behind.
We asked readers to give their views on bullying in schools and what they believed should be done about this problem. This is what some readers on the NATION’s FaceBook page had to say.
Sacoola Kay: “I believe that as the victim he should have been allowed to stay at the school while the delinquents should have been expelled. “Why is it that in this country the victim always gets a rough deal and those that are wrong seem to get off quite easily? This system needs to be abolished and a new one brought to form.
“So these boys will grow up to add to our crime rate and believe that doing wrong is something they get rewarded for. Might is Right, but not in my sight.“That boy will be traumatized for life and others are still doing this foolishness. When will we as a people decide to show strong force against crap? When will we show wrongdoers that this is not a country of complacency?”
Sharon Winfield: “What has happened to the bullies? Instead of the swift removal of the child attacked, there should be a swift expulsion of the bullies, and then let the matter be dealt with from there onward.
“The parent probably did opt for transferral, but “dear mum” bullies are everywhere. Start from the root of the problem and set examples for the wanna-be bullies to come.
“My son was a victim of bullying for years because he was small for his age, until one day he retaliated and got sent home for hitting back his attacker. “I almost lost it when I went to the school and the principal said he didn’t know, after my son was complaining for years along with myself! I refused to transfer but I put a sharp warning on the attacker and his parents and the principal which resulted in my son being avoided thereafter by the said bully along with promised protection from the principal. One child died from bullying, don’t let another suffer for a day longer”.
Gabrielle Criclow: “My question now is what was done to the two boys.
“I hope they didn’t get away with that. My view on bullying is that sometimes what is considered bullying is just friends toughening up others. “However, when it causes dangerous physical harm or when a person’s character is on the verge of destruction is when you draw the line between harmless fun and full-on bullying.
“Those who do it should have to apologize to the person bullied in a public forum and also be punished according to the crime and intentions of the bully.”
Conchita Moseley: “Bullying is serious and these two boys should be removed from the school and punished. Perhaps send them to a detention centre for one year.  No school should condone bullying. To be attacked by two boys is outrageous. I am not sure that the victim should be moved. I might be wrong. Kick out the bullies.”
Natakia Walcott: “Clearly we are willing to wait until another child dies before something is done. Deal with the bullies.”
Fabiana Kaede Zimmerli: “Why are they only now recognizing this? This has been going on for years. I was bullied throughout my primary and secondary years for no reason when I was never anything but nice to my classmates. I’m now so paranoid when it comes to making friends because I’m afraid the same thing will happen again. People need to realize that victims of bullying will be affected by it for the rest of their lives and no therapy is going to take away those painful memories.”
Snuffy Bowne: “The victim is traumatised, hence it would be better for him to be in another environment. Where were the authorities such as the principal and teachers when this act was being committed? Those lawless want-to-be bullies/vagabonds need to be taught a lesson.  
“About a year ago, a child in the same age range lost his life fleeing from bullies that want to take over society.
Margaret Phillips: “How very, very sad what we have become”. 
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