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At one with trees

Anesta Henry

At one with trees

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Barbadians have been reminded that trees are important not only to their comfort but their very survival.
It came from special projects officer of the National Conservation Commission (NCC) Ricardo Marshall as the agency co-ordinated Arbor Day Expo 2011 at its Codrington Hill, St Michael headquarters yesterday.
“Trees are important to our very survival because we can’t survive without oxygen,” he told the SUNDAY SUN. “And, through the process of photosynthesis, trees actually extract carbon dioxide, which is not good for us, from the air and then release oxygen into the air which we require to survive.”
He added: “Trees reduce your need for air-conditioning. Trees are placed strategically on your property and give your house that shade during the hot hours and, naturally, later in the evening your wall that normally would retain that heat and make your house relatively hot would be a lot cooler. We hear a lot about food security and we get food from trees.”
Several people visited the exhibition, with many purchasing products from a number of entrepreneurs who had set up booths. Others bought plants from the NCC’s nursery and the Soil Conservation Unit.
Patron Althea Carrington, who enjoyed the expo with her friends, said she was happy she attended after being attracted by trees in the advertisement for the event.
“The thing we love about it is that the produce, craft, natural wine and many of the products we are seeing at the booths come from trees. It is actually good to come here and see more than plants being sold. We even saw models wearing crochet clothing,” said an excited Carrington.