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North Point in ruins

Heather-Lynn Evanson

North Point in ruins

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AT THE northernmost tip of the island stands a piece of property that harks back to the island’s glory days of tourism.
The views are remarkable but only if one is looking out to sea or admiring the rugged north coastline.
For when one surveys the property that was once North Point Resort, its dilapidation is matched only by the once magnificent, now burnt out ruins of Sam Lord’s Castle at the other end of the island.
The eeriness of the property is not helped by the setting sun which cast shadows of gloom over the almost 15-acre landscape.
The Olympic-length swimming pool now holds only murky, possibly mosquito larvae-infected water. Gone are the high-diving boards; the cabanas at the side have a woebegone, weathered look.
The once grand 48-room hotel is all but in ruins. The rails are broken; the steps to the upper blocks look treacherous.
But there is evidence that someone is calling it home.
For in what was probably the grand entrance of the hotel are discarded cups, bottles and styrofoam containers, the garbage associated with vagrants.
The property, however, is up for sale and depending on the seller, the hotel can be yours for either US$3 900 000 or US$3 950 000.

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