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Rihanna’s love for the ‘c-word’

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Rihanna’s love for the ‘c-word’

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Rihanna’s not exactly PG — but who knew she was such a potty mouth?
The 23-year-old appears on the cover of British Vogue ‘s November issue, where the “We Found Love” singer reveals her fondness for the ‘c’ word.
“That word is so offensive to everyone in the world except for Bajans. You know African-Americans use the n-word to their brothers? Well, that’s the way we use the c-word,” Rihanna explains. “When I first came here, I was saying it like it was nothing …. until my make-up artist finally had to tell me to stop. I just never know.”
Despite her affinity for crude language, Rihanna doesn’t want to be judged by her stage persona alone.
“That’s not me. That’s a part I play,” she explains of her raunchy image. “You know, like it’s a piece of art, with all these toys and textures to play with.” (British Vogue)