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Ingrid Holder: I enjoy what I do

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Ingrid Holder: I enjoy what I do

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What is your greatest childhood memory?
Getting my first tricycle. I remember being so excited. I think Gran still has fragments of it; she keeps everything.
What is your most fabulous moment?
I have a few of those: 1. Attending the 50th Grammy Awards (above) in 2008 at the Staples Centre to support Rihanna. I was so proud of her.
2. Walking onstage with Joe Jackson at the 2010 Barbados Music Awards, the man who created Michael Jackson.
3. Meeting and getting the opportunity to work with all the celebrities who were just figments of my imagination, [or whom I only saw] on television or in magazines, namely Joe Jackson, Fantasia, Morris Chestnut, Vivica Fox, John Legend, Neyo, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Regina Belle, Stephanie Mills, Peabo Bryson, Jeffrey Osborne, and soca and reggae artistes too numerous to mention.
What keeps me passionate is . . .
My soulmate. He’s like oxygen, so refreshing – and my career in entertainment, I absolutely love it. I think I was made for it. It’s very important to enjoy what you do, whether it’s work or leisure. My motto is: Be you! Do you! Cherish every moment; life is short.
My biggest regret is . . .
Not getting to say goodbye to two of my dearest girlfriends, Alison Brooks-Greene and Yolander Bourne-Nurse who recently passed away. I wish it was a bad dream and the circumstance never existed. R.I.P.
The people who have made the biggest impact on my life?
1. My grandparents, who believed in the biblical principles “Train up a child in the way it should go and when it is old it will never depart from it” and “The old-time way is always the best.”
2. My daughter – a positive Christian leader.
3. Edwin Yearwood – my marquee artiste whom I must thank for all of the opportunities.
A life-changing moment happened when . . .
I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Shaquille Haynes 18 years ago. I couldn’t ask for a more blessed and intelligent child. Thanks to all those who have contributed to her success. Thank you, God.
My most treasured possessions are . . .
My Bible, my sanity and my memory. Edwin always says I don’t ever forget a thing. I agree . . . the amnesia hasn’t kicked in as yet.
How did I ever exist without . . .
My BlackBerry – it’s the best thing since sliced bread and Cadbury chocolate. Thank you, RIM.
What I love most about myself now is . . .
At 38, I’m still 100 pounds. Believe me, ladies, smile and drink lots of water – it works for me along with my gorgeous trademark copper-sunset locks.