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Call for boot camp

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Call for boot camp

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THE HEAD of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) is criticising Government on its failure to deliver a “boot camp” to deal with increasingly undisciplined and deviant students.
Karen Best told the DAILY NATION yesterday, on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, that these youngsters were creating serious challenges in the education system and there was a need for a residential facility, above and beyond the Edna Nicholls Centre which could only detain students for three weeks at a time.
“We have a number of issues with these children as far as indiscipline goes and no matter how much you try and what methods you try, some of them don’t seem to want to conform. You have children who are just flouting authority who say ‘you can’t tell me’,” she said.
“What I want to see is a residential facility where children who are being difficult in the schools are placed and they are taught the same curriculum as they would in school, and parents have to be part of the rehabilitation. The minister has promised that facility but we are still waiting. We’re told that it is coming but we haven’t seen it so we need some assistance.” (DP)
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