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PUDDING & SOUSE – Woman out for revenge

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PUDDING & SOUSE – Woman out for revenge

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MEN SHOULD BE AWARE of a woman who has a very debilitating illness.
She has been telling everyone that a man gave it to her so she is taking down some men with her. Beware, fellows! She loves to hit on car men and she likes to do it on the beach.
This sick woman has also been seeking out penpals, hooking up with the men, buying them gifts and then taking them to bed.
If there is any redeeming feature about her deeds, it is the long list of names she has already written. So at least the victims will be easy to trace.
Caught in the act
POLICE WERE IN FOR A SHOCKER earlier this week when they received a phone call to investigate some weird noises coming from the back of a paling.
When they arrived on the scene. in a St Michael district, what they saw was not legendary but definitely shocking – a schoolgirl under a big hardback man.
The cops were not only annoyed because it was around 9 p.m., but also because the girl was wearing her uniform. To make matters worse, the child acted as if they were disrupting her session by asking: “Wuh wunnah want?”
Lady boss won’t pay up
A WELL-KNOWN WOMAN seems to be still having problems paying her bills.
In the past we heard disturbing stories about her refusing to pay people money she owed, but these were all business transactions. Now it seems the poor maid is the latest victim.
From what we understand, she has not been paying the woman’s national insurance. The maid recently confronted her after making the discovery but was forced to bite her tongue when the two of them got into a shouting match.
The maid has told her in no uncertain terms that she wants the payments made or she will take action.
Living by her assets
WHEN WILL a certain nail technician understand that she cannot continue to use her big assets to get ahead in life.
This woman just will not leave married men alone and she always has her big boobs popping out of her blouse, obviously to catch their attention.
Recently, all hell broke loose at her salon when she evicted a relative and her mother was so shaken up by her behaviour that she had to seek help.
She also moved into a new apartment and was seen showing it off to a new man in town.
But a woman who has warned her a number of times about stealing other people’s husbands is planning to have it out with her in front of her high-end clients.
‘Christian’ pulls fast one
THE OWNER of an established day nursery was tricked and robbed by a woman who professes christianity.
After operating her business for many years, the proprietress decided to take a break and leased the business fully equipped with a moderate clientele.
The lease was for two years.
After the first year the landlady tried to contact the tenant, who refused to return her calls. And when she finally made contact with her almost three weeks into the second year, the tenant announced that she was not renewing the lease because she was not making any money.
The very next day the tenant called an emergency meeting of the clientele and told them a multitude of lies. First she said that the “man” was calling back for the building when she knew full well that the owner was a woman. She said the Child Care Board had revoked the licence for the place, also a big lie.
When she finally moved out she took the landlady’s files, furniture, books, toys and other equipment to set up her own business.
The poor landlady still cannot believe that this “good Christian woman” who she has known for over 20 years would do this to her. But she intends to deal with this woman through the proper channels – the law courts.