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Risk key

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Risk key

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FINANCIAL institutions afraid of taking risks and investors who only see profits have been singled out as stumbling blocks to the survival of small businesses in Barbados.
Rawle Brancker, also a small businessman, told an audience at the Democratic Labour Party’s Friday luncheon lecture yesterday that calculated risks had to be taken and that leaders had to “get outside of the box and take unusual decisions, in this period of “business unusual”. 
“Some financial institutions may say it’s too risky, but business and life itself by its very nature is risky.  In my view, successful living is taking calculated risks and working assiduously to make the dream happen.”
Brancker said that “shareholders, directors and management must understand that the former expectations of return on investment have got to be trimmed or pruned and may even require establishing a fund with some of the large company profits to help struggling small companies survive through these times.” (JS)
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