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Government’s word

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Government’s word

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MAKE?NO?MISTAKE?ABOUT?IT; Government is not turning its back on the multimillion-dollar Four Seasons project and will ensure that it is completed.
Minister of Finance Christopher Sinckler made that clear in a feature address at Standard Distributors’ 50th anniversary awards gala at the Accra Beach Hotel Saturday night.
“Now if the Inter-American Development Bank [IDB] and others with their extensive expertise and expansive due diligence and investment analysis have looked at this project inside out, and have determined that it is a viable project that can bring massive returns to investor and country, why on earth would Barbados want to turn its back on this project?” he asked.
“Let me state categorically, we will not turn our backs on this project and we are determined to see that it is not only restarted but carried to completion.” (MK)
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