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Green solutions for cooling systems

Marlon Madden

Green solutions for cooling systems

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Renewable energy and energy efficiency are quickly becoming buzzwords in almost every Barbadian household and according to Anthony Nadur, managing director of H2O solutions Inc. and Cooling Solutions Inc., a lot of Barbadians are becoming more energy-efficient as they sought to save on their energy bills.
Nadur has been operating Cooling solutions Inc. for the past six years and H2O solutions Inc. for the past four-and-a-half years – an air-conditioning (AC) and swimming-pool services company.
He told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY that he saw the need to provide ordinary Barbadians with pool services and “proper” AC units, based on his own experience.
“We started the business to make a difference; to provide quick response time and better quality work. On top of that, we wanted to save people money with good working equipment,” he said.
“I am of the opinion that Barbados is in a good position to become a green economy but it is going to take a good few years.
“People are price-conscious [and] pieces of green equipment are very expensive [but] with us getting involved in it, that is going to change.
“We have already started negotiations with other companies and we started getting energy-efficient systems,” he said.
Nadur said business last year was “superb” and so far this year, it has been “fantastic”.
He said more Barbadians were installing AC units in their homes, while the swimming-pool market was “massive and it is getting bigger every day”.
“We are now working towards swimming pools where because of the pumps their light bills are higher. We are now looking at the solar side of it for the swimming-pool pumps. . .”.
“There are plunge pools in some of those condominiums and they want water heaters and they have a pump running all the time.
“It is a very big business and we are now playing a part in it. We will be bringing in our solar equipment very shortly,” he said.
Donavan Willie, operations manager, pointed out that with the constant rise in electricity bills due to increasing oil prices, more Barbadians were demanding energy-efficient products.
“I think the cost of energy is forcing Barbadians to look at energy-efficient equipment and because of that, they are even carrying out their own research and they are now demanding more from us, the distributors and retailers.
“So it is up to us now to become innovative and constantly look for energy-efficient equipment to save them money and for us to stay in the market,” said Willie.