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Inniss knocks Bench

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Inniss knocks  Bench

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A GOVERNMENT MP has criticized magistrates and judges, saying the sentences being handed down failed to provide any comfort to Barbadians.
Frank St James South MP Donville Inniss said he was frustrated with what he was seeing in the courts.
“I know it is not the norm for politicians to be critical of the judiciary, but I have serious, serious reservations about what is coming forth from the benches in Barbados today,” he told the DAILY?NATION last Saturday.
Inniss was speaking in the West Terrace community where residents were complaining that long and loud parties hosted by university students at a house in the area had been disrupting the peace of the neighbourhood for several months.
He said there had been quite a bit of crime in his constituency over the past few months as well, but gave kudos to lawmen for apprehending offenders recently.
However, the MP lamented that the police could not go out and work day and night to apprehend criminals only to end up with the results that he has seen coming from the courts. (DP)