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DEAR CHRISTINE – My lover did not say he’s married

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DEAR CHRISTINE – My lover did not say he’s married

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Dear Christine,
I met my lover six months ago. He told me then that he was not married. I later found out that he was not only married, but that he also had a little girl about two years of age.
He is working in Barbados for three years and will be returning home after the job is over. His wife and child have already returned to their home.
Christine, he told me that he was married at a very early age, because his wife was pregnant.
He says also that one day he will pick up the courage to ask her for a divorce, even though he loves his little girl.
He has asked me to promise never to leave him, but I cannot do this unless he leaves his wife altogether and gets that divorce.
He is just 23.
Can you help?
– ST
Dear ST,
Do you have any idea at all how babies are made?
If you do you’ll have to come to the conclusion that this man and his wife are still having sexual relations (which they should have) as husband and wife.
I’m saying that to say that whatever lies he has told you, it’s not right for you to be having a relationship with him, knowing now that he is married.
He simply deceived you, and you should run away from this affair as fast as you can.
He was not honest to you in the first place, why should you trust him now. What if the divorce takes place and he marries you.
Will he also deny you the way he denied his wife and child?
Forget the lame excuse that he got married too young, and because his wife was pregnant.
He had a part to play in that too.
Let him face his responsibilities with his family.
I am inclined to feel that without encouragement from you he could very well work at making his marriage a success.