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Cut in pensions

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Cut in pensions

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A NUMBER of retired statutory corporation employees who receive pensions from their former workplaces and the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) will get reduced amounts from November 1.
They will get the standard sum from the NIS while the workplace will give the difference between the NIS’ amount and what the workplace formerly provided.
This has been spelt out in a letter to various Government departments, including the National Conservation Commission (NCC), whose former employees who have worked between November 1975 and the present had been receiving pensions from the NCC and NIS.
The letter draws on Section 32A subsections 1 to 3 of the Statutory Boards Pension Act Cap 384, and states in part that a public officer to whom a pension may be paid under this Act will now have that pension reduced by the amount payable to him under the National Insurance and Social Security Act. (RJ)
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