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Nurse: Grey area in law

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Nurse: Grey area in law

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PRISON OFFICER Shanelle Inniss, whose marriage to former inmate Adrian Vaughan in 2009 came under public scrutiny, is still employed in the Prison Service.
The issue was raised during a Press conference at the prison yesterday.
When asked about officer/inmate relationships, Superintendent of Prisons Colonel John Nurse said that the legislation which dealt with officer/inmate relationships was ambiguous and needed to be revised.
Nurse said: “We got some persons who would like to jump up and down over that particular incident or that particular circumstance and we would wish blood in that case. But when we go through the act and note that there have been a number of violations and continued violations of the act by other members of staff, who would wish that their indiscretions be left unattended, I say shame! (MB)
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