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BLP raps attack on senator

John Sealy

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The Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) has condemned the attack on Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health,?Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner, and assured Government of its support in rooting out crime.
Sandiford-Garner was attacked and injured by an assailant Wednesday night in the Supercentre Warrens car park as she was reportedly talking on a mobile phone while sitting in her vehicle.  
“The Barbados Labour Party [family] want to express our utter regret, our shock and our greatest sense of outrage over the act of violence that has been inflicted on our political colleague on the other side, Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner,” said Opposition Leader Owen Arthur, speaking minutes before a Press briefing on the economy yesterday.
He said there was “no place in our society for these random acts of violence on our people in the course of their going about their ordinary business”.  
“We want to let the Government be assured – not just because a politician was [robbed and injured], that we will support all actions to ensure that our people can go about their legitimate business and be citizens of a good and safe society, without having to confront the spectre of these random acts,” said Arthur.
The Opposition leader also called on “Barbadians as a whole [to] join us in expressing zero tolerance to this senseless lawlessness that now wants to envelop what is really a good and safe society . . . whatever else may divide us politically”.
“Sandiford-Garner and the members of the Democratic Labour Party must be assured that the Barbados Labour Party stands with them as one in abhorring what has happened to this person – a citizen who would have done nothing to warrant this random attack on her person,” Arthur said.