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UWI offer: bare boo!

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UWI offer: bare boo!

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THE Barbados Copyright Agency (B-COPY) has rejected an “unreasonable” offer by the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus which is trying to avoid a court battle over alleged copyright infringement.
The $3 per student per year offer falls significantly short of the $16.50 that B-COPY is asking, and chairman Antonio “Boo” Rudder says it’s now up to the oganization’s attorney to decide if court action should be proceeded with.
“There are not a lot of options in terms of settling issues with copyright, except there is a definite spirit of cooperation by the parties, so normally most of these things are ideally settled by the court . . . . But I will depend on the advice of my attorney on that one,” he said in an interview with the SUNDAY SUN.
Although UWI has said it wants to reach an amicable resolution, Rudder added: “If you’re telling me that you’re willing to settle and then you express a position that is noticeably unreasonable, then you don’t really want to settle. (DP)
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