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100 for alert Edgar

Lisa King

100 for alert Edgar

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HE CAN EFFORTLESSLY RECALL several important years from his long life.
Barbados’ newest centenarian, Edgar Robinson, yesterday sat surrounded by family and friends and easily called to memory events from as far back as 1928. The very alert and witty Robinson engaged Governor General Sir Clifford Husbands in lengthy conversation.
Robinson recalled that after he left school in 1928, he worked at The Castle with his father transporting cane from plantation to plantation. He said he would move from The Castle to Spring Hall, then from Mount Standfast to Porters, from Porters to Morgan Lewis, then to Haggatts.
“At nights when the mill was working I would carry syrup to The Castle to be stored. By morning the four mules and I would have made two trips. Then in the morning I had to go in the cane ground to haul out the cane and take it to the mill,” he said.
The centenarian recalled, with much laughter, how he met his wife with whom he spent 44 years back in 1935. The birthday boy, who was born in Gays, St Peter, left home in 1939 to reside with his wife in Cane Garden. He moved to Fruitful Hill in St Joseph in 1943 and finally settled in Lower Parks in 1955.
The strong believer in God has no health ailments.
This he credits to eating well and leaving everything else to God.
Edgar had ten children, eight of whom are alive. Daughter Elaine Hope, who cares him, said he was an exceptional man.
“I feel very good. Thank God, He did everything for me. I put it all in His hands and He worked for me.”
Father Fequel Laplante St Saviour’s Church blessed Robinson on his special  day.