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Trials an’ tribulations o’ life

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Trials an’ tribulations o’ life

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Dear Nesta,
Greetin’s an’ solutions (sorry, I mean “salutations”) from dis part o’ de worl’! How you, muh girl? I hope yuh doin’ awright an’ keepin’ ’pon de straight an’ narrow! I hey, chile, between de heat one day, rain de nex’, an’ all de diff’rent viruses lurkin’ bout in-between, but I thenkful I still aroun’ to fight de fight!
I been tryin’ to keep up wid de news over in Amurica an’ wonderin’ wuh gine happen to President Obama in de elections nex’ year.
He got my sympat’y, faif. He tek office at a time when t’ings did lookin’ brown fuh dah country an’ ’e been tryin’ ’e bes’ evuh sence!
But wid 2012  jes’ ’roun’ de corner, dat man been gettin’ mo’ body blows dan de law allow, comin’ at ’e from all sides! Philomena tryin’ to get me to bet wevver ’e gine get back in or not, but I keepin’ muh mouf pin an’ muh opinions to muhself! De way dis worl’ gine nowadays, dah is de bes’ t’ing yuh could do fuh yuhself!  
Soul, I hey at a loss as to jes’ wuh gine on at dah place in De Pine. I never see a station experience summuch “technical difficulties”!
I been wonderin’ why duh don’ simply shut down an’ start ovuh fresh! My nighber vex enuff!
Mos’ days, yuh fine she watchin’ channel 708, TV Land”, ’cause she like de oletime shows like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, [and] de Jeffersons . . . . Imagine she surprise las’ week to fine TV Land offa 708 because o’ “difficulties” – agen! An’ anethuh network, Encore replace it, widout notice. Philomena see a movie de ethuh night dat was all guns, action an’ de F-word from beginnin’ to en’! Dah is de onlies’ network duh could get?       
I well know de station belongks to CBC, an’ duh could do wuh duh like, but duh could still show some consideration to viewers an’ at leas’ explain de problem befo’ changin’ as dem feel fit. After all, we en beggin, we payin’ – well, not me, ’cause I en got MCTV! I t’ought ’bout it, an’ I still t’inkin’, when I see all de “technical difficulties” dah station seem to face! Dese “technical difficulties” dat , we mus’ accep’ jes’-so widout knowin’ de reason, seem to cover a multitude o’ sins!    
Viewers would appreciate it ef duh could know wuh duh watchin’ when de network change! Don’ tek years befo’ changin’ de name o’ de show in de box at de top o’ de screen! CBC ought to know de change comin’ up, so put all dem t’ings in place from de start! Hey, I wonder ef I apply fuh a TV licence, ef it would get approve, neh?   
Ness, I read ’bout a new law in de pipeline concernin’ “heirlooms”, an’ I need somebody to explain de meanin’ o’ de word “heirloom” to muh, as I en too bright. I always had a t’ought dat, apart from findin’ “buried treasure” relatin’ to we pas’, it refer to items like jewelry or furniture dat get han’ down t’rough de fambly fuh generations, to keep passin’ on!
Now, I know we got people dat come to de islan’, buy up antique stuff an’ ship it out, an’ I agree dah wrong! So I need to know wuh de word really mean! ’Cause it cyahn cover sech a wide range as to gi’e anybody de right to come in my house an’ tek up my fambly treasures to put in any museum, I en cay hummuch money duh payin’!
How dem would know wuh I got home at me, anyhow?  Well, ef dah is wuh gine happen in de future, dis worl’ really changin’!
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie