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Drink problem

Dawne Parris

Drink problem

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A recent study?has found that one in every six public sector employees has a drinking problem and the National Council On Substance Abuse (NCSA) will be trying to determine what’s driving those workers to hit the bottle.
Research and information officer Jonathan Yearwood said the agency also planned to find a way to help these workers – many of whom have admitted to having a problem – kick the habit.
The 2010 study on drug use among public sector employees, which surveyed workers in 18 ministries, has not yet been made public, but Yearwood yesterday provided some of the findings in an interview with the MIDWEEK NATION, including the prevalence of alcohol use and abuse. The survey used a sample of 1 100 workers – about six per cent of the total size of the public sector, based on a previous census.
Read the full story in today’s MIDWEEK NATION.