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Bryan Walker


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Debate?on government’s controversial new antiquities law is slated for the Senate today, with one independent legislator already signalling her intention to vote against it and an ex-senator calling on members of the Upper House to reject the bill in its present form.
As public discussion over the measure intensified yesterday, the Barbados National Trust also expressed concern about the power given to a single person to seize the relics of private citizens.
It wants Government to halt passage of the Preservation of Antiquities and Relics Bill through Parliament and take it to the people for further discussion.
President Dr Karl Watson told the MIDWEEK NATION that while the trust did not oppose the overall bill, which seeks to preserve elements of the island’s heritage, it believes it had gone too far.
He said when the bill was first introduced back in 2006 they had also asked for it to be revised, so he was surprised to see its re-emergence in much the same way.
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