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Ready for the catwalk

Natanga Smith Hurdle

Ready for the catwalk

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WHEN WE first met 6’ 2” Christopher Murrell back in March this year,  he was busier than ever, booking shows both locally and internationally and even appearing in some international music videos.
He admitted how “hard” it was “breaking into the male model industry” and all the hard work that goes into his career as a model. 
After seeing his agency, Gadal Model Management Inc., putting models to work in places like New York, Los Angeles and Paris, Chris’ aspirations leaned towards being signed by an international modelling agency.
Well , that dream has come true. Now it’s Chris’ turn. He has been signed to an agency in Europe and cannot wait to update his portfolio and make Barbados proud on the catwalk.
EASY: Very exciting news about being signed. How did you feel when you heard the news?
CHRISTOPHER: Astonished! That’s the best way I can describe my reaction when I heard the news and my agent forwarded the e-mail telling me that they [agency in Europe] wanted to represent me.
EASY: How will you juggle school (second year at the University of the West Indies) and going overseas for work.? Or does this means you have to move overseas?
CHRISTOPHER: I can’t say at this moment. I guess we’ll have to see how it goes first. Yes it will require travel to Europe and maybe living there for a prolonged period.
EASY:  Were there other agencies interested?
CHRISTOPHER: Yes there was interest from other agencies but my agent here is very meticulous; he doesn’t just want to get you signed- he wants to ensure that he signs you to one of the top agencies in the specific market. And the agency I’m going to has some big names in the model arena on their boards.
EASY:  What does this mean for your career?
CHRISTOPHER: It’s great for my career! This is what we’ve [my agency and I] wanted for quite sometime, it means a lot to have achieved this. I’m sure the management team at Gadal Model Management feel the same way!