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Senators criticize Antiquities Bill

Ricky Jordan

Senators criticize Antiquities Bill

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Senator after senator today criticized the Preservation of Antiquities and Relics Bill 2011, with some calling it draconian and urging that it be sent back for further drafting, as debate on it was postponed in the Upper House this evening.
At the end of the day’s sitting, Leader of Government Business Senator Maxine McClean recommended that further consideration of the Bill be postponed to “allow all of those who have concerns to read the legislation and we can engage in greater dialogue”. The motion was carried by Deputy President of the Senate, Kerry-Ann Ifill.
McClean had earlier stated that the controversial Bill, passed in the Lower House last week and lambasted since by the public, had seemed to engender much concern and confusion about its intent.
Noting it had been seen by various stakeholders, including the Chief Parliamentary Council and Solicitor General, she said the current administration did not take lightly such matters of legislation nor the views of Barbadians.
She added that while she recognized the Bill as critical in the context of maintaining the status of Bridgetown and its Garrison as a UNESCO heritage site, and while its measures sought to protect Barbados’ patrimony, there was need for closer study.
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