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Examine root cause of crime

Reverend Errington Massiah

Examine root cause of crime

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Crime continues to affect all of us across the country.
The recent robbery of Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner of her cellphone at knifepoint as she sat in her vehicle in the car park of Super Centre, Warrens, St Michael, shows that those who do crime are no respecter of persons and that it can affect anyone, regardless of who you are.
Regrettably, there must have been other such robberies during the past week, but the robbery of the senator stands out because she is high-profiled, and because the act is an affront to the national cause of ending violence against women.
Some young people gravitate towards criminal activity because of poor guidance during their formative years in the home.
They do not want to work hard for anything and they want it the easy way. There are also some young people who want brand name things although they know they cannot afford them.
Hence the temptation will be greater.
And some older people want to get things the cheap way, so they will welcome stolen property for a fraction of the cost.
That is why there is so much stealing of cellphones, chains and laptops.
Another aspect of this crime situation is the illicit drug trade, which is seriously affecting the minds of its users.
There is no doubt that illicit drugs are contributing to the destruction of our environment and society.
I am of the firm view that things will get worse if the society as a whole does not embark on a serious examination of the root cause of crime. If we as a nation are serious about crime, the authorities have to take a stand.
There are some businesses that maybe, we should look at – the cash-for-gold and the scrap metal business, for instance – and it must be done urgently.
The fallen standards in our country, coupled with parents who do not set the right example for their children, are recipes for continual societal chaos, deviance and crime.