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Rihanna digs deep for love

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Rihanna digs deep for love

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It might be a little close for comfort, but Rihanna appears to have dug out the skeletons from her closet for her latest video, We Found Love.
The Russian Roulette singer seems to allude to her abusive relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, casting a male lead who looks similar to the R&B star.
While there are no gratuitous scenes of violence, the guy does grab the Barbadian beauty and inks the word “mine” on her derriere. The video ends when a pushed-to-the-limit Rihanna gathers the strength to leave the dysfunctional relationship.
In February 2009, Rihanna’s scheduled performance at the 2009 Grammy Awards was cancelled.
Reports later surfaced regarding an alleged altercation with then-boyfriend, Brown, who was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats. The following month he was charged with assault and making criminal threats.
British model Dudley O’Shaughnessy takes centre stage as the love interest. But from kissing and making love, the duo’s relationship takes a turn for the worse – turning abusive, scary and upsetting.
Talking about the video, Rihanna tweeted today: “We’ve never done a video like this before. This is probably one of the deepest videos I’ve ever done. It’s all about love and love being like a drug . . . you definitely get that from this.
“The good feeling of it and the dangers of it. That’s what this video is about.”
Rihanna and London-born former boxer Dudley are then seen going headfirst into a passionate, physical relationship – unable to bear to be apart from one another for even a second.
Smoking cigarettes, that appear to be marijuana, and drinking alcohol, their relationship involves going on a rollercoaster as they indulge in fairground rides, raves and passionate outdoor romps.
In fact, it was these romps which caused 61-year-old farmer Alan Graham to ask Rihanna to leave his field, after being shocked at the antics going on between the singer and Dudley.
After getting up close and personal with Dudley in her car, Rihanna is then seen running through the field topless in another scene from the We Found Love video.
But things start to go wrong for the couple as their love for each other becomes all-consuming, leading to violent arguments and fights.
The video ends with Rihanna curled up in the corner of the room alone as the ballad draws to an end. (mailonline)