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Bush battle

Eric Smith

Bush battle

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Persistent rains in recent months have been a blessing for Barbados, leaving the country a lush green and many plants and flowers in bloom.
However, the rains have also brought challenges as unsightly overgrown bush has encroached on many of the verges, posing a danger to both pedestrians and motorists.
A crew from the National Conservation Commission debushed part of the Spring Garden Highway last weekend. The clean-up exercise continued throughout the week as crews from the Ministry of Public Workers took to the highways and major roads in an effort to contain the overgrowth.
The overgrown bush and trees, especially on the highways, are a problem for people who exercise and also for motorists.
Bakers, St Peter residents complained that the area urgently needed debushing because people waiting at the bus stop were now forced to stand in the road.
People living in Upper Carlton, St James, find that using the sidewalk presents a challenge because of the overhanging tree branches and the tall bush. Unable to use the walkway provided for safety, pedestrians find themselves battling and dodging traffic.
Motorists have it no less easier.
Those travelling from the north to the south of the island who may need to use the signposts for guidance are unable to see them because they’re hidden by the shrubbery and tall grass.
However, relief is coming as debushing continues across the country.