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MAVIS BECKLES: Duh eyes open wide, but shut

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: Duh eyes open wide, but shut

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I want tuh know something. When will these women bout here evah learn? And another thing – when will some men stop telling summuch lies? Ya would note dat I said, some men.
Quite a few people have been behind me tuh write bout the women who evah single week does be writing in to I Confess in the Saturday paper or confusing Dear Christine, asking her a lot o’ foolishness bout what she think dem should do wid a married man who dem got and have been dealing wid fuh years, giving dem wha’evah duh want but up tuh now duh aint leave duh wives yet.
Look, I have been avoiding this sort o’ topic like the plague and I aint gine tell you nuh lie, evahtime I look in the newspaper and see one o’ these kind o’ letters, I does get vex and threaten tuh write bout it but again I does back down.
But today I have decided tuh bite the bullet and talk bout it and I doan give two hoots who get vex because too many women, especially the young ones, still getting duhselves involved wid married men who have wives, li’l children and responsibilities and who doan intend tuh leff duh wives.
I doan understand some o’ these young women nowadays at all. It is natural for a man tuh come up tuh a woman and show some kinda interest in her and if she finds him attractive, sexy, charming or whatevah, then the two of dem might hit it off and a conversation could start up.
Nutten aint wrong wid dat as far as I’m concerned. But now you gine tell me dat during dah conversation you find out dat the man married, have a couple o’ li’l children and you gine still turn around and get involved wid he?
Alright. So wunna get involved and start tuh meet secretly and you begin tuh fool yourself dat it doesn’t matter if he’s married; you doan mind dat he gotta run home by a certain time; you doan mind not being seen in public together as long as he comes by you when he could sneak out.
You doan mind doing a lot o’ things dat you hate because he giving you all the material things dat you want and for a few years things gine cool ’cause you satisfied wid the situation as it is.
But a few years pass and he still telling you dat he and he wife aint getting along; the same thing he was telling you from day one. He even telling you dat the two o’ dem doan even sleep in the same bed together and dat he only stan’ning ’round there because o’ the children and what it would do tuh dem if he leave.
Next thing ya know, you happen tuh see the man, he wife and the very children together and you realise dat the wife is very pregnant. You also notice dat the two o’ dem walking and holding hands and
all of a sudden, you gine dead, writing Dear Christine asking she what you should do.
So now what you think Dear Christine should tell you now?
But duh got another type o’ women who gets involved wid a married man and because she want the man evah suh bad and the man telling she all the wife business just tuh make her feel important, she would pick up the phone and blister blind the man wife, telling she back all the things he tell she bout his wife.
This like it is some kinda fad nowadays boh. Every other day you could pick up dah newspaper and see a letter from some young woman, telling Dear Christine ’bout her plight wid a married man.
I really think dat these women crazy tuh submit duhselves tuh this sort o’ treatment and lifestyle but, on the other hand, I think the men who do it are simply disgusting and lied. These men want tuh have duh cake and eat it too; duh want tuh have a part-time lover on the side. Duh love tuh give women false promises, holding and keeping dem in check wid big gifts, sometimes paying the women rent and bills too.
But look I would tell ya this, the men could only do what the women allow dem tuh do, if wunna women decide tuh start something wid a married man, wunna should tek wha wunna get and stop writing in the people newspaper evah single week, tekking up valuable space asking wha’ wunna know wunna shoulda do from the beginning . . . left the people husbands and leh duh guh home tuh duh wives.
So, doan complain, tek the bitter wid the sweet.