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PUDDING & SOUSE: Working hard for her money

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Working hard for her money

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Since a certain woman was fired from her workplace for stealing and landed a job at a bar, she has graduated from petty thief to big-time spender.
She usually brings her work home with her; every foreday morning she can be seen in all sorts of acrobatic positions in different cars in front of her house.
People are saying that this middle-aged woman, who still lives with her mother, should show some respect for herself and the old lady.
Instead of spending so much money buying expensive bleaching creams to take the blackness out of her skin and brand-name clothes, she should give some to her poor mother to repair the old house.
There’s one thing you can say about her now, though. She certainly works hard for her money.
Staff rally round colleague
Staff at a certain organization on the outskirts of town are not too happy with the recent dismissal of a hardworking, decent employee.
Apparently, the employee made an error which caused mayhem at the workplace but the matter was quickly resolved.
Upset staff want to know why the employee was dismissed for that one infraction, yet others have misconducted themselves in the presence of authority figures and made more serious errors, yet they still have their jobs.
They want their new boss to be more careful with how he handles sensitive matters and to understand that he is not showing a good example by sleeping with one of the young employees.
Gay man and his lovers
Pudding & Souse has been reliably informed that some friends of a gay man, who died not too long ago, are planning to release the long list of names of the men he slept with.
From what we understand, he wrote all about his sexual escapades in a black journal and included names, places, dates and times. Some of the very graphic details vividly describe all of the kinky things he did to his partners, as well as what they did to him.
A wag told us that the details in the journal would set this little island on fire.
Some of the names include a former politician, a journalist and a banker, whose wallet is always full of dough.
The flamboyant deceased gay man, who loved dressing in heels and fishnet stockings and was a big drama queen, would certainly have won his crown if these salacious details are made public.
This one is sure to burst some bubbles.
All not rosey
One would have thought that everything was nice and peachy at a certain place after a successful week of activities.
At least, everyone seemed to be getting along.
But now we hear that all the beds have been removed from one of the departments and it has left a group of men fuming.
No one knows who gave the order for the beds to be taken out but the men, who are already in cages, were obviously upset that they were forced to sleep on the hard concrete floors too.
People are asking whether this treatment is included in the new way forward for the institution. Is this one of the methods to be used in the much-touted rehabilitation process?