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God wants to ‘wow’ you

Cheryl Harewood

God wants  to ‘wow’ you

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GOD IS A GOD who is more than enough. He wants to do exceedingly more than what we can think or imagine.
This was part of the message of Rev. Keith Nix two Thursdays ago.
God wants to “wow” you, but you must have a greater vision of who He is because without a true vision of who God is, the people will perish.
Nix told members of the congregation at The People’s Cathedral that they must walk in a new vision of who God is.
“Where there is no vision [prophetic revelation] the people perish, but happy is he who keepeth the law. If we are to walk in vision, if we are to flourish, we must have a fresh encounter with God.
If you do not, you will remain at the same level you are at right now,” he said.
“When you get a glimpse of who God is, He will reveal His plan and purpose for you. You will comprehend Him more when you truly see Him.”
The North American preacher told the attentive congregation that God’s plans would bring an expected end since God’s plans were “not short-sighted”.
“God can see every pothole in the road. He has seen in advance every pit you may fall or jump into. He can see every snare, every ambush, every strategy of the enemy. He has placed angels there in advance of you getting there.
“When you see God’s plans [for your life] and who He is in a fresh way, you will see that everywhere He leads you to succeed.”
He drew reference to God’s promise of an heir to Abraham and Sarah and how Abraham would become the father of many nations. He said that in his short-sightedness Abraham felt that Ishmael, the son of the slave woman, would be his heir.
“God had another plan for Abraham. He said to Abraham at the age of 99, ‘I am El Shaddai. You’ve never known me like this before. I am God Almighty. Walk before me and be blameless. This is time for a fresh encounter. I am the almighty, all-aufficient God who is more than enough’.”
Nix added that Abraham got a greater revelation of God and realised that Ishmael, whom he had concocted, was not God’s promise. Abraham began to see God in a greater light, especially following the birth of Isaac, the promised son.
“There is coming a moment in your journey with God which will radically elevate you. God will show you how He sees you, not how you see yourself. You’ve got to let God show you who you are,” Nix said.
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