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Time to let God into our lives

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Time to let God into our lives

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Dear Christine,
I am writing this letter for all the hurting women and men in Barbados.
I spoke to a friend recently who told me what happened to her and how she felt after more than ten years of being with a man. She said she felt like she had wasted her life. She was very hurt and I felt it because I myself was hurt.
It was God who kept me from sinking.
 When I was in my early teens I lived with my mother and other siblings. My mother treated me like someone who did not belong there. She said that was her way of showing me discipline, though I was put out twice.
She stopped cooking for me and I could not use anything in the house other than the pipe to bathe. I went to my aunt’s house to live, but soon my relatives there started to act up. I had the chance to return home. Again, my mother asked me to leave.
I am not saying that I was the perfect child, but what I’ve been through was more than was called for.
My boyfriend of three years took me from my mother’s house and paid for a rented apartment  so I could have somewhere to be happy. Eventually, we got married. In the fourth year of marriage, while I was pregnant and at the hospital being treated for high blood pressure, he told me “our relationship is not going the way it supposed to”, without any arguments prior to that or anything – that was what he said.
After that, everything went downhill. My baby was born at seven months and only lived for 11 days – about four days after my husband left me. Talk about a double blow! Just when I needed him to support me, he left and never looked back. Why?
He did not want to admit it, but he had another woman. My pastor tried to bring us together to see what the problem was. He himself could not understand why my husband wanted to leave, but God is the Revealer of things. God showed me everything in a vision. I asked Him so many questions because I did not know why my husband (now my ex-husband) was behaving as he did.
Many days I cried and cried and went to sleep crying. I felt rejected and lost my self-esteem. I could not believe or understand why this was happening to me.
One day I got a grip of myself and said “Okay DO, it’s happened to you; dust yourself off and take one day at a time.”
It wasn’t easy doing that. There were lots of people supporting me but I still felt alone.
As I continued to go to church and worshipped God, He began to heal me. He began to fill in all the areas of my cracked up life and heart.
Today, I am happily married again.
My advice to all who are hurting is: “God can heal you, because He healed me”.
He is the only source of life. Friends, families, husbands, wives would fail you, but God never fails. You may say “I am hurting and you’re telling me about God”, yes . . . because He is the only one in this entire universe who can heal and help you the way that is best for you.
It’s like having a glass of water in your hand but not drinking it. In order for you to quench your thirst you have to drink the water. It’s the same way with God. You have to let Him in, to be healed.
– DO
Dear DO,
Your letter is very touching, and I know from your experience that you can now help comfort those who are hurting. I’m glad that your story had a happy ending, and that you did not allow one bad relationship to stop you from loving and trusting again.
I’m also really happy that you gave God that chance to work in you and through you.
I hope that those who read your letter would be encouraged; most importantly, I hope that they would place their life, cares and concerns in the Master’s hands and let Him work the situations out the best way possible.

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