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Rains flood Bagatelle homes

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Rains flood Bagatelle homes

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SOME RESIDENTS in 5th Avenue Bagatelle Terrace, St Thomas, could not get out of their homes yesterday afternoon because flooding.
Yesterday, as the island experienced rainfall resulting from weak, unstable conditions, Bagatelle residents suffered moderate flooding.
Popular call-in programme participant Winnie Griffith said she and other residents were experiencing the “agony and pain of the flooding”.
Griffith expressed her anger because the lettuce, cucumbers and sweet peppers in her kitchen garden were destroyed by settled water.
“So many of us can’t get out of our houses when it rains. At night when it rains, people driving through with children would get stuck in the water and you would hear them beeping their horns trying to get the attention of neighbours to look out.
“And people living in the area have to go out of their houses with garbage bags and other things to help the people. This is what happens out here every time it rains,” said Griffith.
Meanwhile, resident Shelly Cummins was taking the situation quite calmly. Cummins said that after 22 years of living in the area, she was accustomed to “the usual flooding”.
“The Government did what they could have done. They did the drainage and the wells but every time the rain falls, out here floods. As usual, eventually it will run off.
“There is nothing much we can do but just wait until the water run off or get a canoe,” said Cummins. (AH)