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On-court fight breaks up netball match

luigimarshall, [email protected]

On-court fight breaks up netball match

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A DIVISION?ONE?match in the Barbados Workers’ Union netball competition between BRC and Brittons Hill erupted into a fight last night with the police springing into action to separate  two opposing players.
Brittons Hill were romping towards their sixth successive win with a lead of 36-9 in the second quarter when centre Makeba Clarke and wing defence Jennifer Seale of BRC began jostling on the court.  Seconds later, after some physical activity between Clarke and Seale, the latter pursued Clarke as she ran off of the court.
All of the other games came to a halt with the BRC and Brittons Hill players voicing their opinions while battling to prevent Clarke and Seale from clashing.
Two members of the Police Force intervened when Seale, armed with a piece of wood, started towards Clarke.  After calm was restored the umpires recalled the teams to the court with the intentions of ejecting Seale and Clarke.
However, the BRC players took off their bibs and refused to return to the court forcing the officials to award the game to Brittons Hill. (KB)