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BLP COLUMN: Rescue, rebuild, restore

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLP COLUMN: Rescue, rebuild, restore

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BLP Legacy (1999-2003): created non-traditional community markets business opportunities with the Deacons Community venture kiosks at Deacons Road, and the Parkinson Business Centre, Pinelands; and expanded the traditional payment of benefits to the setting up of a Welfare To Work Programme that lifted people from dependency to self-reliance.
Over the years, the last weekend in October has come to be eagerly anticipated by the Barbadian public because they have learnt that it is easily one of the most politically productive periods in the national calendar when the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) holds its annual delegates conference.
And this year, October 28, 29 and 30 will be no different when the party convenes for its 73rd gathering at the Grantley Adams Memorial School.
It is exceedingly fitting for this conference to be held at this particular school since it not only bears the name of the premier founding father of the BLP, but it is also sited in the parish of St Joseph which the Right Excellent Grantley Herbert Adams represented in the House of Assembly for many years and from which he launched his relentless and successful campaign for the right of all Barbadians to vote on reaching the age of 21, through the winning of Universal Adult Suffrage.
The year 2011 marks the 60th anniversary the first general election under Universal Adult Suffrage which opened the gates to all the political, social and economic advancement Barbados has since enjoyed.
And at a time when we will be remembering Sir Grantley’s pivotal role in pulling Barbados out of the degradation that had enveloped all but the narrow ruling economic and social elite of the domineering plantation and mercantile class, we will also be fully aware that as history is graphically showing, his political descendants in the BLP are increasingly being the focus of a dissatisfied and disillusioned public desperately looking for relief from lives being daily devastated by a deceiving Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government.
It will therefore be in the context of getting ready to once again positively answer another historic call from the Barbadian people that the BLP, astutely led by the trained, tried, tested and proven Owen Arthur that has brought transforming economic, social and political leadership to Barbados.
Our members, officers and supporters, along with the general public, to whom this event is always open, will converge for a much needed restoration of hope and optimism about their future and that of their nation.
The public can rest assured that Owen Arthur and his BLP team are not in the slightest overawed by their date with destiny to Rescue, Rebuild, Restore Barbados, a mission that has been made necessary through the clear and repeated demonstration over the last near four years of the DLP’s incapability to meet the demands for skilled and exprienced economic and other management, whether led by the late David Thompson or the almost impossible to bestir Freundel Stuart.
The BLP feels the pain of the public and their desire and demand for better. After Sir Grantley, the BLP proved in 1976 with Tom Adams and then in 1994 with Owen Arthur that it can do better for the public and prove much better than the DLP.
Better must, can, and will be done by the next BLP Government.